Rich Clears Up the Mosque Fog; Dowd Says Mob’s Mad; Cavett Urges Get Real; Rudy Rejects Plan

In today’s NYTimes, heavy-hitter columnist Frank Rich takes on the “mosque” controversy that has spread from Manhattan across the nation. Read his essay here, and consider subscribing to the NYT if you appreciate the writing and thinking.

In a related national commentary, Maureen Dowd of the NYT worries that the U.S. is going through a “mass nervous breakdown” with symptoms such as increased paranoia, refusal to accept facts, and misdirected hostility. Read Mo’s opinions here, and pick up the paper if you value the efforts. 

Dick Cavett, of all folks, showed up in last Friday’s online NYT with a heaping of old Nebraska common sense, remembering the nasty scapegoat talk he’d heard growing up. Read his web piece here.

And TIME magazine hit the streets and mailboxes with a cover story that explores the roots and depth of anti-Muslim attitudes in the U.S.  The abridged online version includes a link to an opinion piece by Terance Neilon of AOL that airs former NYCity Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s strong opposition to the proposed location for the Islamic community center that has been re-labled a “mosque.” Read Rudy’s view here.