Southeast Asian Water Festival

Today is Southeast Asian Water Festival day in Lowell. This is the 14th year for the popular event. Last night, I attended the opening ceremony at Middlesex Community College, where the evening activities culminated in a candlelight ceremony and small boats floated on the canal with accompanying blessings and wishes. Master of ceremonies Sayon Soeun of the Light of Cambodian Children organization, one of the longtime festival leaders, made a special point of praising younger community leaders who have stepped up to help produce the festival this year. Among the speakers and performers last evening were Van Chum (history of the festival), Rady Mom (Cambodian flute), the Wat Buddhabhavana of Mass. Laotian Dance Troupe, Molyka (Cambodian folk tale), Alyssa Jasmine Moir (Thai dance), a Cambodian classical music group, the monks of Wat Buddhabhavana, and cultural affairs director LZ Nunn representing City Manager Bernie Lynch.