“Blue-fishing off Plum Island” by Paul Sweeney

Paul Sweeney, a citizen (photo) journalist, will join us occasionally with some of his superb pictures. Today Paul headed out into the Atlantic to do some fishing. He brought along his camera.

I was invited to join Cap’n Bobby and 1st Mate Dominick blue-fishing off Plum Island this morning.

We left the marina on the Salisbury side of the Merrimack @ 6:15am

As early as that was it was the middle of the day for the Makayla May II who was pulling traps just outside the river mouth.

We kept in contact with another pleasure boat, the Aye to Aye, whose captain was a friend of Bobby’s with the intent of keeping each other informed of the best fishin’ holes

Alas even the gulls and cormorants were shut out will have to settle for a late dinner!

However as I have heard on many occasions, a bad day fishing is better than a good day doing most anything else! Good weather with lots of sun, good company and fresh air–who could ask for anything more?