AP: UMass Lowell’s Archaeological Dig in the Acre

Boston.com is carrying a news wire report from the Associated Press about UMass Lowell students and archaeologists from Queens University in Northern Ireland digging for traces of the early Irish presence in the Acre. They’ll be excavating around St. Patrick Church (1831)  beginning the week of August 16. The project is sponsored by UML’s Center for Irish Partnerships. Read the wire story here.

4 Responses to AP: UMass Lowell’s Archaeological Dig in the Acre

  1. Jimmy Sullivan says:

    If the site dates from 1831 or even 1841 it is PRE-famine. Ireland had a large unemployment rate – especially among common laborers – which led many to seek jobs in the canal and other building projects in the United States. Please do not lump these economic emigrants in with Famine Immigrants.

  2. PaulM says:

    I believe the dig will examine layers of time and settlement in that area and not be limited to the pre-famine period. Good point about the economic emigrants.