Sun Outlines ‘Kerouac 2.0’ for Lowell

Thanks to the Sun for reporting on community plans to take the public presentation of Jack Kerouac and his literature to the next level in Lowell. The three initiatives being driven by the Cultural Organization of Lowell and its partners, including but not limited to Lowell Celebrates Kerouac, Inc., the National Park Service, and UMass Lowell, are 1) expansion of the annual Kerouac literary festival (watch this blog for more on the 2010 event); creation of the “mother of all” Kerouac websites, to be based at UMass Lowell; and development of a physical facility named for Kerouac that will not only  include exhibits and displays about the author, but also will serve as a community arts space where creativity will be nurtured and presented to the public in its various forms. Read the Sun article here and consider subscribing to the Sun if you appreciate the writing. Special acknowledgment to the Sun leadership for advancing this initiative.

2 Responses to Sun Outlines ‘Kerouac 2.0’ for Lowell

  1. Steve says:

    The “physical facility” according to the Sun may be the Smith Baker Center.
    It is mentioned in Maggie Cassidy:

    “…the profound bloodred bricks of the old Episcopalian church, the brown
    lawn, the jag of snow, the sign announcing speeches…”

    Maggie Cassidy p.67

  2. PaulM says:

    Thanks, Steve, for nailing the JK reference to Smith Baker Center. It must have been an active church in the 1938-39 time frame of the novel. The quote would look great in large type on a banner in the lobby as you walk in.

    Also, regarding George’s comments about the proposed Center, the development process will be highly community involving, led by COOL and partners. The concept, if achieved, would mean an adaptive reuse of the structure a la Sanders Theater at Harvard (with the benefit of 21st century design and technologies) and the transformation of the facility into a community arts center, which presupposes intense community participation.