Fareed Z. Proposes a Start on Fixing the Fed. Budget

The federal budget affects cities like Lowell that struggle to provide high levels of public service. Federal funds support many human services programs offered by Community Teamwork and other agencies, Community Development Block Grants, grants for law enforcement, research grants for Middlesex Community College and UMass Lowell, support for small businesses, etc., plus our National Park. When the budget gets squeezed in Washington, places like Lowell feel the pinch. Commentator Fareed Zakaria of Newsweek, not a “flaming liberal,”  says ending the “Bush tax cuts”  will be a big help in getting federal finances under control. Alan Greenspan said the same thing on one of the Sunday morning TV talk shows yesterday. If the Republicans follow the lead of Conservatives in England and let taxes go up via the expiration of the Bush tax cuts , they will put maximum pressure on Democrats to make cuts in the federal budget to show they are equally serious about managing the public’s money. Read Zakaria’s column here, and look for Newsweek on your local newstand or consider subscribing.