Former Methuen Police Chief Wins His Appeal

The embargo broken, Noah Bombard is reporting on the Eagle Tribune blog that fired former Methuen Police Chief  Joseph Solomon has won his case with the Massachusetts Civil Service Commission. Solomon was fired over two years ago. This finding must come as a bombshell to Methuen Mayor Bill Manzi.

Staff writers Gretchen M. Putnam and JJ Huggins are reporting on the Eagle Tribune website from the finding:

The state’s Civil Service Commission today set aside Joseph Solomon’s firing as police chief, ordering him returned as Methuen’s top cop Oct. 1. In a 125-page, and sometimes scathing decision, Commissioner Paul Stein found Solomon worthy of a 12-month unpaid suspension but did not believe the city’s claims the chief was guilty of ethical misconduct, poor managerial decisions and mismanagement of federal grant money.

Instead, Stein found Methuen was guilty of “improper overreaching” and “piling on a number of dubious and stale charges without merit which Solomon was obliged to defend.”

They also spoke with Mayor Bill Manzi:

An obviously disappointed Mayor William Manzi chastised civil service, saying “the system is clearly broken.” The mayor said the city will fight the decision in Superior Court in hopes of keeping Solomon from returning until the appeal is heard.

This story will certainly play out over the next few days and beyond. Read the full article here on the Eagle Tribune website. Stay tuned.