Charles Cowley – Week 6

Here’s the sixth in my weekly compilations of Twitter “tweets” from Charles Cowley’s “Illustrated History of Lowell.” I think I missed posting this one when I went on vacation.

July 13 – In 1793 the Proprietors of the Middlesex Canal began work on the canal that ran from Chelmsford to Charlestown.

July 14 – Middlesex Canal was completed in 1804 at a cost of $700,000. It was 31 miles long, 24 feet wide and 4 feet deep

July 15 – Middlesex Canal was 1st canal in US to provide passenger service. From Chelmsford to Boston took one full day

July 16 – “Vast quantities of timber grown around Winnespesawkee Lake” were transported to Boston via Middlesex Canal.

July 17 – 1st boat trip from Boston to Concord NH was via Middlesex Canal & Merrimack River in 1814. First steam boat in 1819.