Blogger Language Use Revealing

Have you created a special blogger persona for yourself – an anonymity in the internet world? It might surprise you that according to research done by Tal Yarkoni of the University of  Colorado at Bolder – a blogger’s choice of  language is in fact not concealing or masking the “real you” but right in-line with your real personality.

Christopher Shea notes in “Brainiac” in today’s Globe what Yarkoni’s reasearch shows:

… an analysis of the content of nearly 700 blogs found that the content matched rather strikingly the personalities of their authors, as revealed on surveys.

Neurotic personality types used words associated with negative emotions, for instance, while extroverts invoked positive emotions. Bloggers who scored high on the trait of “agreeableness” seldom swore and referred often to the notion of community.

The original article is entitled Personality in 100,000 Words: A large-scale analysis of personality and word use among bloggers (abstract available) and has been published in The Journal of Research in Personality. The full paper is available here.