Jack N. Goes Regional

While nobody was looking, writer-actor-director-baseball wiseman-cultural commentator-allied blogger Jack Neary packed his stuff and moved from Lowell to southern New Hampshire, just over the border in Derry. After Robert Frost trying to run a farm in that town many years ago, this is probably the biggest literary news in Derry. Jack’s officially still in the bio-region of the Merrimack River, so there’s only a minor disturbance in the Lowell force that’s been caused by his relocation. He says he’s started swimming again and that the wildlife is more exotic in the Granite State. I hope they can get more than Channel 9 up there. Jack, if you see Uncle Gus at Shaw’s, say “Hey” for the rest of us. And remember the definition of Willie Mays’ glove: “Where triples go to die.” I can’t remember who said that. The Frenchman Leo Durocher?

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