Len Berman on the Lowell Spinners

Several weeks ago I wrote of my rediscovery of TV sportscaster Len Berman who did sports on WBZ-TV in Boston during the 1970s and who now has launched an internet career after many decades doing TV sports in New York City. Berman’s website invites you to sign up for his daily email that gives you his “top 5” events of the prior day. I usually don’t like these kind of daily email blasts – they tend to become overwhelming – but Berman’s are just the right length to make a quick, informative, often witty read.

Anyway, in one of his top 5 for today, he had this to say about our own Lowell Spinners:

Congratulations to the minor league Lowell Spinners. Saturday night they set the all time record for people popping bubble wrap, 3,692. It was the 50th anniversary of the invention of bubble wrap. The team adds this coveted mark to its collection which includes the record for the largest game of “Duck, Duck, Goose.” The Lowell Spinners are dead last in the New York-Penn League standings, but who has time to notice?