Flashback Friday – the 1970 Lowell School Committee

Each Friday, I post an artifact from Lowell politics past. This week, it’s this photo of the 1970-71 Lowell School Committee

1970-71 Lowell School Committee

From left: Bill Collins, Ernest Hermann, Paul Robinson, George Kouloheras, Clement McDonough, Victor Forsley, Seated, Mayor Richard Howe

2 Responses to Flashback Friday – the 1970 Lowell School Committee

  1. Jen M says:

    That is quite the mustache George is sporting. He looks like a cartoon villain or a carnival worker.

  2. JC says:

    Clement Gregory McDonough!

    He was a well liked and well respected member of the committee.

    Those were the long ago days when local politics was still quite simple, and a guy like McDonough could run on the effectiveness of a very short speech: “I am Clement Gregory McDonough. Vote for me. I was named after two Popes!”