Charles Cowley – Week 4

In 1868, Lowell resident Charles Cowley wrote the “Illustrated History of Lowell”, a book filled with fascinating facts about our city. Here’s my fourth weekly compilation of “tweeting” from Cowley’s book:

June 29 – On October 29, 1727 an earthquake caused walls and chimneys to fall throughout the Merrimack Valley

June 29 (2) – In 1734, the General Court incorporated the town of Tewksbury which had previously been part of Billerica

June 30 – In 1745 the French fortress of Louisburg was captured by English troops from Massachusetts led by Sir William Pepperell

July 1 – On June 17, 1775, 2 militia companies from Chelmsford & 1 from Dracut fought at Bunker Hill

July 2 – At Bunker Hill, with no more ammo Captain Colburn of Dracut struck a British officer with a stone allowing his men to retreat

July 3 – In Nov 1776 Merrimack Valley reps led by Dracut’s Joseph Varnum asked legislature for price controls against wartime inflation