Shaw Farm and Kimball’s on Best Ice Cream List posted a “best” list for ice cream in New England that includes Shaw Farm in Dracut and Kimball’s in Westford, Carlisle, and a NH location. Here’s the link for the Shaw Farm entry.  Not on the list, but worth the drive is the ice cream stand at the Brookstone Event Center, Route 111  in Derry, NH. My wife and I were there today for a wedding and sampled the ice cream while we were waiting for the reception to begin. We had small cups of coffee-Heath Bar and caramel pecan (a sugar-free option).  The ice cream stand is run by Moo’s Place, 27 Crystal Avenue in Derry. Here’s the Moo’s link.

6 Responses to Shaw Farm and Kimball’s on Best Ice Cream List

  1. DickH says:

    I would add Gary’s Ice Cream to the list. His ice cream and ice cream creations (sundaes, frappes, etc) are outstanding – the direct descendant of Glennie’s, which was my all time favorite.

  2. Marie says:

    Ditto on Gary’s Ice Cream. A rare indulgence for me is his coffee soda with coffee ice cream and extra coffee syrup! And then there’s his orange pineapple ice cream… The Glennie’s memory does linger on…

  3. Gary Francis says:

    New this season – Blue Moon Ice Cream (it is best described as the taste of the milk in the bowl after eating Fruit Loops or Lucky Charms) – a big flavor in the midwest for years…… And it is that time of the year, the Peach Ice Cream was made yesterday….Both will be on the menu on Mon, July 5th.
    Have you ever tried Mango? An interesting flavor….as is Javaberry (Coffee and fresh raspberries). Except for the Peach these are all flavors John A Glennie would never have tried making. He was traditional – he didn’t like experimenting.

  4. Marie says:

    Gary – Kudos for being willing to experiment! We’ll be out tomorrow for the peach and for a little of that Javaberry. I love both flavors…

  5. Eric says:

    As a lifelong resident of Belvidere, my favorite has always been Meadowlands, which is actually in Tewksbury. Mocha chip and frozen pudding/rum raisin are my favorites.

    I may stay from the path and try the javaberry though…

  6. Kim says:

    Ditto on loving Meadowlands icecream! Love the Mocha chip, mint chip, and they have the best orange sherbet. Kimball’s has become way too commercial. I took my children to Kimball’s and left there short over $90!!!