Boston Globe poll on state of Mass politics

Under the headline “Brown outpolls Kerry, Obama” a front page story in today’s Boston Globe by Frank Phillips and Matt Viser presents the findings of a recent poll conducted for the Globe by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center. Read the full story here to get the Globe’s spin, but here are the responses to some of the questions printed in today’s paper:

On Scott Brown’s handling of his job as US Senator: 50% approve, 17% disapprove, 33% are neutral

For Congress in November 2010: 42% plan to vote Democrat, 27% Republican, 6% other, 26% don’t know

If your Congressperson voted for health care, would that vote make it more or less likely that you’ll vote for him or her: 32% more likely, 31% less likely, 33% no difference, 4% don’t know

Will health care law changes make system better or worse: 45% generally good, 39% generally bad, 10% mixed, 6% don’t know

How serious a problem is illegal immigration: 55% very serious, 30% somewhat serious, 10% not very serious, 4% not a problem, 1% don’t know

Do you support or oppose the Tea Party: 20% support, 6% lean support, 29% neither, 8% don’t know, 3% lean oppose, 34% oppose

One Response to Boston Globe poll on state of Mass politics

  1. Jack Mitchell says:

    Brown is what Bay Staters want him to be. At this point, he has no substance. He is a poster child for the middle class angst of the electorate that have been getting screwed by DC.

    His voting record will let us know what he is made of. Speeches that frequently include “no new taxes” will be highly regarded. Wait until he has to stand next to a plan that actually makes cuts.

    PS. For you Union members that support Scott Brown, he is the 41st vote against card check. Not that you really care. You got yours! Don’t ya, guy?