Michael Jackson One Year Later

I am a Michael Jackson fan.

I know, he was freaky, but he was a great musician and dancer. But don’t take my word for this…1940/50’s dancing genius Gene Kelly (Singin’ in the Rain) called Jackson the greatest dancer he had ever seen.

The King of Pop died one year ago today, June 25. I remember when I first heard Paramedics had taken Jackson out of his home, I figured it was probably something relatively minor (for Jackson, that is)…Never in my wildest dreams did I think the pop legend was dead.

Tributes to Jackson will fill the media today…The Early Show is dedicating an entire hour to Michael Jackson;  Dateline is airing an interview with Jackson’s mother Katherine; 20/20 will recap the singer’s life in a two hour segment and MTV is doing a count down of Jackson’s top 10 videos.

What a shame such a tremendous talent, haunted by demons , died so young.

Below is Michael Jackson’s incredible performance at the Super Bowl in 1993…people still talk about the thrilling opening.