Charles Cowley – Week 2

In 1868, Lowell resident Charles Cowley wrote the “Illustrated History of Lowell”, a book filled with fascinating facts about our city. Here’s my second weekly compilation of “tweeting” from Cowley’s book:

June 13 – In 1669 Wannalancet fearing a Mohawk attack built a fort on a hill in Belvidere called ever since Fort Hill

June 14 – In 1675 came King Phillip’s War. “Local Indians” suffered severely at hands of “hostile Indians” and “low whites.”

June 15 – In King Phillip’s War a “party of scoundrels from Chelmsford” came to Wamesit, set fire to Indian wigwams, killed 7 invalids

June 16 – In King Phillip’s War, 2 buildings in Chelmsford were burned and 2 sons of Samuel Varnum were shot while crossing river to Dracut

June 17 – In April 1676, colonists erected a fort at Pawtucket Falls; stop spread of attacks during King Phillip’s War

June 18 – Wannalancet returned to Wamesit after the war but colonists were already using his fields & he was banished to Wickasauke Island