Marcos Devers Takes Seat in 16th Essex Rep District

“Third time’s the charm” for Marcos Devers of Lawrence as he took 88% of the votes cast in the 16th Essex District special election yesterday. With just under 9% of registered voters coming out to the polls, Devers bested rival Rafael Gadea – with 1549 votes to 177 votes. Devers will hold the seat formerly held by current Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua until the end of the year and will need to run for reelection in the  fall. According to the Eagle-Tribune:

His challengers are Gadea, who is unenrolled, Enrique Matos, a Republican, and perhaps Chally Ramos, a fellow Democrat who challenged Devers in the special primary last month. Ramos has said he will run this fall as a sticker candidate.

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