More on Lincoln Monument Dedication

Lincoln Monument, Lowell Mass

In the preceding post, Paul provides the background and schedule for tomorrow’s rededication of Lowell’s Lincoln Monument (which I’m planning to attend). Part of the importance and charm of this monument is that it was financed (partially, at least) by contributions from the school children of Lowell in 1909. The Pollard Memorial Library has on display a certificate given to a student for such a donation. Here’s what it says:

Feb 12, 1809                                                                  Feb 12, 1909

This Certifies That

Susie Green of the Moody School

has contributed toward the fund for the

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Monument

in Lincoln Square, Lowell Mass

May 1908

The Lincoln Memorial Committee

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  1. PaulM says:

    I’m pretty sure the first Lincoln penny was issued in 1909 for the centennial of Lincoln’s birth.