Leo Mahoney – Lowell’s “Salt of the Earth”

Leo Mahoney was an iconic figure within the local business and philanthropic community. His low-key manner belied both his business acumen and his keen knowledge of everything going on in the Lowell community.  Faith and family guided his life along with a penchant for doing good for his fellow man.

In today’s Globe J. M. Lawrence writes about Leo Mahoney and his world beyond Lowell.  His Eastern Minerals business located in Chelsea brought him in touch with many local and state officials.  He never lost his cool and was always a gentleman. Deb Hadden from the Massachusetts  Port Authority who dealt many times with Leo in tough negotiations noted:

 “He really was the salt of the earth. There really is just no other way to describe him.’’

The Lowell community will miss this true gentleman. Leo David Mahoney – Rest in Peace. His funeral Mass will be celebrated on  Wednesday morning at 10:30am at St. Patrick’s Church in Lowell.

Read the full story from the Globe here.

2 Responses to Leo Mahoney – Lowell’s “Salt of the Earth”

  1. John Quealey says:

    I met Leo Mahoney many mornings and we would talk about the First National Stores as my Father and his Father managed stores for M. O’Keefe and J.T.Connors that later became F.N.S and then Finast. Leo had a Grove. connection as his Fathers’ sister was the wife of Jim McCann a Lowell cop and lived on Sidney St.
    Last night I met three baby deer in Lowell Cemetery so on Dicks’ tour on Saturday you too might see deer’,fox or other wild life.

  2. Tom Cowan says:

    So sad to hear of the death of Leo.met him first when he came to Ireland to set up Irish Salt Mines.always good for a summer job when we were students. one day he handed out big green cigsars to workers ,his trade mark,and when he later ran out went back and gathered them back. He was the first big shot we ever knew always at sunday mass.There is a cup in the local school named after him in recognition of his generosity to the community and parish.

    May he enjoy the peace of his native Ireland and may the lord let him see old Cork before he goes to his reward.

    Condolences from all the Cowan famlily Carrickfergus