Apple WWDC Today

It is big day for techies all over the world…Today Apple Ceo Steve Jobs gives his keynote address at the World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco. In the past Jobs has used the WWDC to introduce major Apple products like the the iPod and iPhone. It is highly expected that Apple will present its new iPhone 4G today. But the event will be marred by one major problem for Apple, Jason Chen of Gizmodo has beaten Steve Job to the punch and already introduce the 4G to the world. Oh, you must remember, don’t you?…Several months ago an Apple engineer decided to stop for a beer on the way home from work. Interestingly, he was carrying around a test version of the new iPhone and after pounding back a few left it sitting on a bar stool. Within days of the lose/find, Gizmodo got its hand on the prototype and showed it to the huge wide world.

So why wait for Steve Jobs…here is the new Apple 4G iPhone courtesy of Gizmodo


Needless to say, Apple has banned Gizmodo from today’s conference.