Twenty-Five Years of City Elections

Here’s a synopsis of city council and school committee elections from 1991 through 2015 to provide some historical context for Tuesday: 1991 Voters reelected council incumbents Tarsy Poulios, Bud Caulfield, Kathy Kelley, Richard Howe, Gerald Durkin, Robert Kennedy and Curtis LeMay. Joining them were former councilor Richard O’Malley and newcomer…

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What’s Wrong With This Picture Frame?

Why are reporters from the N.Y. Times and other media outlets using the term “left-wing” to describe people who oppose racists of all kinds, Nazis, anti-Semites, anti-LGBTQs, christian fascists, and other hate-mongers? Isn’t it the American way to denounce these forms of inhumanity? Isn’t the American creed about pursuing liberty,…

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