Rain List Poem

Rain List Poem . rain rainbow rainbow cactus rainbow trout rain check raincoat raindrop rainfall rain gauge Rainier III Rainier, Mount rainmaker rainmaking rainspout rainsquall rainstorm rain-wash rainwater rainwear rainy rainy day Rainy Lake, Ont. . —The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (1970 edition)

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Jungle Weather

The tropical air and jungle rain this morning reminded me of mornings on the island of  St. Lucia in the Caribbean, when the sky would open and drench the warm  air and lush countryside. These prose poems were first published in “The Offering,” a literary magazine at UMass Lowell.—PM . Hibiscus…

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‘Blue Dot Sign’ by Michael Casey

Michael Casey is the author of several books of poetry, including “Obscenities,” “Millrat,” and “Million Dollar Hole.” In 1972, he won the prestigious Yale Younger Poets Award for his book “Obscenities,” now considered a classic volume of both Vietnam War literature and war poetry of all time. His poems have appeared in the New York…

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