Current Events

Equity in Court Fees and Fines

When he visited Lowell earlier this month, Chief Justice Ralph Gants of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court said one of his major concerns is how the state’s criminal justice system assesses and collects fees and fines on defendants. These mandated payments are embedded throughout. Upon failure to pay, a judge…

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Enterprise Bank Cyber Security Seminar

Every individual, whether at work or at home, relies on electronic information and communications in some way. Recent events remind us that those communications and that information is vulnerable to exploitation by criminals and others. Protecting yourself against cyber-crime is an essential part of living in today’s connected world. Recognizing…

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Upcoming Parker Lectures

From Mehmed Ali: Please join the Parker Lecture Series and the University Library for some engaging political discussion at two upcoming events. On Thursday, March 30th former Governor John H Sununu will be welcomed to the Inn and Conference Center for a lecture on the Presidency of George H.W. Bush. Sununu was the…

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