City Council

Settlement of Voting Rights Lawsuit

Two years ago eleven Lowell residents sued the city on the grounds that the current method of electing members of the city council and school committee violates the Federal voting rights act and the U.S. Constitution by diluting the votes of minority residents of the city. After many months of…

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City Council Preview – May 21, 2019

This week’s City Council  agenda begins with the continue discussion and public hearing on the establishment of an ordinance creating a “Monument Committee.”  It ends with another Executive Session. “The Monument Committee shall establish policies governing the naming or dedication of public spaces, whether they be inside public buildings or…

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City Council Preview: April 22, 2019

Preview of tomorrow night’s Lowell City Council meeting by Mimi Parseghian. City Council is back in session this week and so is the repetitive agenda item of Executive Session to discuss “Matter of litigation, namely Huot et al. vs City of Lowell, public discussion of which could have a detrimental…

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