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An Amazing Sight

OK, so here I am driving North on Rt 95 with my wife last Friday. I’ve taken this trip many times before so I know the traffic patent well…what to expect,  where to expect it and when, including the time of year. For the most part the traffic flow that…

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Roger Brunelle & the Cresting Merrimack

Video originally posted by lowellfilm YouTube video description: “Jack Kerouac historian and Lowellian Roger Brunelle talks with Suzzanne Cromwell on the banks of the Merrimack River which dramatically overflowed in March 2010. In a spontaneous moment, Brunelle expounds about the 1936 floods in Lowell, relaying how Kerouac integrated the experience…

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Remembering Ted Kennedy

One year ago today Senator Ted Kennedy lost his battle with brain cancer. Many believe (including me) that his greatest moment was the concession speech he gave at the 1980 Democratic Convention. I remember watching it at the time, thinking…here is a great talent marred by personal flaws. Click HERE…

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