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E. J. Dionne on GOP Pessimism

For all you Superbowl fans and others who’ve seen the Clint Eastwood “Halftime in America” ad , don’t miss Washington Post opinion writer  E. J. Dionne’s take today in “Clint, Rick and the limits of pessimism.” Dionne reminds us that “Franklin Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton all understood that Americans…

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President’s Veterans Job Corps

President Obama has had an ongoing focus on helping veterans and their families. In his State of the Union remarks last week President Obama  announced his plan for American Jobs Act to spur police and firefighter hiring in 2012. This action as well as a plan patterned on FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps are targeted towards helping veterans. Today the…

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Archdiocese of Boston Losing the Chancellor

The Boston Globe is reporting that the current Chancellor for the Archdiocese of Boston James P. McDonough has decided to step down after six years on the job. Complimenting McDonough for getting the finances of the archdiocese on a sound footing, Cardinal Sean O’Malley announced that he has chosen John E. Straub…

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