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History of Charter Change in Lowell

Founded as a town in 1826, Lowell’s first governing body was a board of selectmen. The rapid growth of the mills made a city form of government preferable, and so in 1836 the state legislature granted Lowell a city charter. The city charter brought a new form of government consisting…

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Lowell City Council Meeting: November 21, 2017

Mayor Kennedy introduces city councilor-elect Karen Cirillo who has been attending most council meetings this year. Motion responses (see Mimi Parseghian city council meeting preview post): No discussion on Rte 38/Kittredge Park update. Regarding chemical road treatments in the winter, trucks have sophisticated devices that control the mixture of materials…

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Lowell Week in Review: November 19, 2017

City Election Follow-Up Last Tuesday’s city council meeting was pretty sedate, with barely a mention of the Lowell High project. That seems to reflect the will of most people in the city. This past election was like a Micky Ward v Arturo Gatti fight: the winners and the losers were…

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