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Lowell City Council Meeting: November 21, 2017

Mayor Kennedy introduces city councilor-elect Karen Cirillo who has been attending most council meetings this year. Motion responses (see Mimi Parseghian city council meeting preview post): No discussion on Rte 38/Kittredge Park update. Regarding chemical road treatments in the winter, trucks have sophisticated devices that control the mixture of materials…

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Lowell Week in Review: November 19, 2017

City Election Follow-Up Last Tuesday’s city council meeting was pretty sedate, with barely a mention of the Lowell High project. That seems to reflect the will of most people in the city. This past election was like a Micky Ward v Arturo Gatti fight: the winners and the losers were…

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Lord Overpass update

Members of Lowell’s Division of Planning and Development provided an update last evening on the remake of the Lord Overpass. Held at the Pollard Memorial Library’s public meeting room, the event drew about three dozen people, including Mayor Ed Kennedy, Councilors Bill Samaras, John Leahy and Rodney Elliott, and Councilors-elect…

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