Bunker Hill Honor Roll



On the second floor of Lowell’s Pollard Memorial Library there hangs a framed proclamation titled “Bunker Hill Roll of Honor.” It identifies those who lived on the land that became the city of Lowell who participated in the Battle of Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775. Here is the text of the document.



The lists of the names of the men from Chelmsford, Dracut and Tewksbury, who fought on that memorable 17th of June, have been compiled from the original records, and it seems but a slight recognition of their services to preserve these lists which form a Roll of Honor of the men who fought on Bunker Hill.

The men who lived and loved and labored within our original boundaries and whose patriotism on that day made it possible for our fair city of Lowell to have existence.


Officers: Colonel Ebenezer Bridge; Lieutenant Colonel Moses Parker; Major John Brooks; Adjutant Joseph Fox; Quarter-Master John Bridge; Surgeon Walker Hastings; Assistant Surgeon John Sprague.

Captain Benjamin Walker’s Company

Charles Fletcher; Zaccheus Fletcher; Joseph Blood; Joseph Osgood; Joshua Durant; Thomas Marshall; John Adams; Robert Tier; Ebenezer Gould.

27th Regiment under Captain John Ford

Lieutenant Isaac Parker; Ensign Jonas Parker; Sergeants Moses Parker, Daniel Keyes, Parker Emerson, Jonas Pierce; Corporals John Bates, Benjamin Barret, William Cambell; Drummer William Ranstead; Fifer Barzilla Lew of Dracut.

Privates: John Keyes, Alexander Davidson, John Chambers, Samuel Britton, Moses Parker, Benjamin Pierce, David Chambers, Ebenezer Shed, Samuel Wilson, Nathaniel Foster, Benjamin Parker, James Drum, Isaih Foster, Joseph Chambers, Isaac Barrett, Benjamin Farley, Enouch Cleveland, Benjamin Butterfield, Samuel Howard, Moses Esterbrook, Robert Auger, Elijah Haselton, John Glode, Jesse Dow, Joseph Spalding, Francis Davidson, Oliver Cory, Samuel Marshall, Ruben Foster, Timothy Adams, John Parker, William Rowell, Benjamin Hayward,  James Alexander, Nathaniel Kemp, Soloman Keyes, Noah Foster, Jonas Spalding, Josiah Fletcher, James Chambers, Silas Parker, Robert Richardson, William Brown, Soloman Farmer, Thomas Bewkel.

Mortally wounded at Bunker Hill – Lt. Col. Moses Parker and Capt. Benjamin Walker.



Captain Peter Coburn’s Company

Captain Peter Coburn; Lieutenants Josiah Faster, Ebenezer Varnum; Sergeants James Varnum, Micah Hildreth, Phineas Coburn, William Harvey; Corporals John Hamock, John Taylor, Jesse Fox, John Barron.

Privates: Nehemiah Jagnest, Benjamin Barron, John Bradley, Daniel Clough, Timothy Davis, William Emerson, Timothy Foster, Jesse Fox, Gardner Gould, Abijah Hills, Soloman Jones, David Lindsey, Jonathan Richardson, John Roper, Barnabas Stevens, Elijah Tuttel, John Varnum, Joshua Varnum, Henry Barron, Soloman Wood, Samuel Whiting, Moses Clement, Benjamin Crosby, Seth Didson, Zebediah Fitch, Abijah Fox, Thomas Gardner, Jonathan Hamblett, John Hall, Samuel Jenners, Nathaniel Kittredge, William Parker, Moses Richardson, Amos Sawyer, John Thissel, Joseph Tuttel, Jonas Whiting, Jonas Varnum, William Varnum, Thomas Wright.

In other Companies were

Moses Barker, Moses Barker Jr., William Brown, Smith Coburn, Joseph Hibbard, Chester Parker, Barzilla Lew.

Mortally wounded or killed at Bunker Hill

Benjamin Crosby, John Thissel, Joseph Hibbard


Captain Harden’s Company

John Burt, Joshua Thompson, William Harris, Moses Gray, Samuel Manning

Captain Walker’s Company

Lieutenant John Flint; Sergeants Luke Swett, Eliakim Walker, David Bayley, Peter Hunt; Corporal Philip Fowler; Drummer Phineas Annis; Fifer Isaac Manning.

Privates: John Bayley, Jonathan Beard, John Dutton, Amos Foster, Jonathan Frost, Jonathan Gould, John Hall, Nehemiah Hunt, Josiah Kidder, Eliphalet Manning, Joseph Phelps, Samuel Bayley, John Danderly, Timothy Dutton, Jacob Frost, Joseph Frost, Jonathan Gray, John Howard, Paul Hunt, Asa Laveston, Daniel Merritt, Hezehiah Thorndike.

Taken prisoner or killed at Bunker Hill: Philip Fowler, Jacob Frost

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