Lowell 1926: Public Schools

Another in a series of excerpts from the 1926 Lowell City Directory. This post contains information on the Lowell Public Schools:

School Committee

Mayor John J. Donovan, chair

Paul L. Harris, M.D.

John J. Preston

Edward J. Rogers

Alice F.D. Pearson

James H. Riley

Arthur Giroux

School Committee meets the last Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in City Hall.

Superintendent of Schools – Hugh J. Molloy

High School – Kirk Street


Grammar Schools

Abraham Lincoln – 300 Chelmsford Street, corner of Lincoln

Bartlett Training (Grammar and Junior High) – 95 Wannalancit Street

Butler (Grammar and Junior High) – 840 Gorham Street near Carter Street

Charles W. Morey (Grammar and Junior High) – Pine, orner of Wilder Street

Colburn – Lawrence Street near Charles Street

Edson – Highland Street, corner of South Street

Green – 408 Merrimack Street, opposite Colburn Street

Greenhalge – Ennell, corner of Victor Street

Moody – Robers Street, corner of High

Pawtucket – 117 Mammoth Road

Riverside – 73 Woburn Street

Varnum (Grammar and Junior High) – 105 Sixth, corner of Myrtle Street

Washington – Lang Street


Primary Schools

Agawam Street School – Agawam, corner of Barrington Street

Ames Street School – Ames Street

Bartlett Training School (primary) – 95 Wannalancit Street

Cabot Street School – Cabot, corner of Ford Street

Carter Street School – 21 Carter Street

Central Street School – 713 Central Street

Charles Street School – Charles Street, between Gorham and Chapel

Colburn Primary School – Charles near Lawrence Street

Cross Street School – 170 Cross Street, near Mt. Vernon

Dover Street School – 36 Dover Street

Eliot School – Favor, corner of Summer Street

Franklin School – 21 Branch Street

Greenhalge School – Ennell, corner of Victor Street

Grand Street School – 32 Grand Street

Kirk Street School – 63 Kirk Street

Lakeview School – 571 Lakeview Ave

Laura E. Lee School – 235 Powell, corner of Plain Street

Lexington Avenue School – 145 Lexington Ave

London Street School – 84 London Street

Lyon Street School – Central, corner of Lyon Street

Middlesex Village School – 1736 Middlesex Street

Morrill School – Common Street

Pine Street School – 341 Pine Street

Pond Street School – High, corner of Pond Street

Powell Street School – Powell near Liberty Street

Riverside School

Sycamore Street School – 54 Sycamore Street

Tenth Street School – Tenth, corner of Varnum Street

Washington School – Lang Street

Weed Street School – Gorham, corner of Weed Street

West Sixth Street School – West Sixth between Coburn and Jewett Streets

Worthen Street School – Worthen Street between Market and Broadway

Many of the Primary Schools had Kindergartens co-located.

Lowell Vocational School – Broadway, corner of Dummer

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