Lowell 1926: Parochial Schools

Another in a series of excerpts from the 1926 Lowell City Directory. This post contains information on parochial schools in Lowell:

Greek Parochial School – Broadway, corner of Worthen

Immaculate Conception School – 2 High Street – Grey Nuns

Keith Academy – Thorndike Street

Notre Dame Academy – 311 Adams Street – Sisters of Notre Dame

Notre Dame de Lourdes Parochial School – 720 Middlesex Street – Grey Nuns

Sacred Heart Parochial School – Moore, corner of Andrews – Sisters of St. Mary

Sacred Heart Parochial School – 120 Billings Street – sisters of the Assumption

Saint Jeanne d’Arc School – 859 Moody Street – Soeurs Grises de la Croix

St. Joseph’s Parochial School (for boys) – Aiken, corner of Moody – Soeurs Grises de la Croix

St. Joseph’s Parochial School (for girls) – 517 Moody Street – Soeurs Grises de la Croix, d’Ottawa

St. Joseph’s School (for boys) – 760 Merrimack Street – Marist Brothers

St. Louis Parochial School – 79 Boisvert Street – Sisters of the Assumption

St. Marie’s Parochial School – Woburn Street, opposite Circuit Ave

St. Michael’s Parochial School – 21 Sixth Street – Dominican Sisters

St. Patrick’s Parochial School (for boys) – 378 Suffolk Street – Xaverian Brothers

St. Patrick’s Parochial School (for girls) – 311 Adams Street – Sisters of Notre Dame

St. Peter’s Parochial School – Gorham, corner of Union – Sisters of Charity of Halifax

St. Peter’s School and Orphan asylum – 530 Stevens Street – Sisters of Charity of Nazareth

St. Stanislaw’s Polish School – High between Oak and Porter Streets – Felician Sisters


Lowell Hebrew Free School – 63 Howard Street

One Response to Lowell 1926: Parochial Schools

  1. Paul Early says:

    I am curious about the school that later became the Franco American school. I believe that the orphanage was opened before 1926. Was there a school associated with it? Perhaps it was only for children at the orphanage at that time.

    I noticed in a 2016 post here that a four story addition was added in the 1912. If it is the same addition that is there still, it looks to me as it was built for classrooms, but maybe there were multiple additions.

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