Headlines you may – or may not – see in 2024 by Marjorie Arons-Barron

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It’s bedtime for 2023. It has been an ugly year. Ukraine. Hamas’
October 7th attack. Bloodshed in Gaza. Wildfires and floods from global warming. House of Representatives chaos and gridlock. Biden’s slump in polls. Social media’s pollution of young minds. Misinformation. Disinformation. Need I go on?

In this posting, I present my traditional list of headlines we could see in 2024. Some, highly aspirational, are the triumph of hope over experience. Some are simply dystopic. The political scene is both rich in possible headlines and terrifying to contemplate. Feel free to share your own preferred headlines by
clicking on the comment section at the top of the home page.

Ozempic drives psychologists, gym classes, and social media companies out of business

TikTok takes over the entertainment business; people don’t notice

Artificial Intelligence destroys what’s left to destroy of local journalism

Non-profit news models fight back against hedge fund Alden Capital; people actually care about local news

Supreme Court supports Second Amendment rights of AI bots to teach children to build bombs and bazookas

Trump stages Pay-per-View mixed martial arts fight between Nancy Mace and Elise Stefanik to select his VP nominee

George Santos becomes wealthy reality TV star; others in Congress follow him out the door

Hunter Biden gets community service, teaching white collar felons to sell NFTs of their designer ankle bracelets.

Layers of college administrators cut: parents receive big tuition rebates

House Speaker Mike Johnson ousted for demanding Congress make same chastity and anti-porn pledges as his children

Evangelical ministers demand schools remove Bibles;  oppose its anti-capitalist rhetoric

College students learn that teaching nuance is not a microaggression

Merit pay for public school teachers supported by unions and school boards – (my grandson gets a raise)

Alexei Navalny escapes Russian arctic prison; takes WSJ reporter Paul Gershkovich with him

Boston City Hall installs “electeds of color only” bubblers

Netanyahu’s cabinet and extremist West Bank settlers exchanged for all Israeli hostages in Gaza

Elon Musk, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Steve Bannon lost in Space-X explosion

The Greek Connection book gets optioned for mini-series and musical

Iranian women mount transformative revolution

Martha’s Vineyard environmentalists successfully block wetlands-destroying mega mansions

Taylor Swift blamed for Kansas City failure to win Super Bowl

Red Sox offer variable-priced ticketing based on win-loss record

Celtics hoist 18th championship banner

Retiring Bill Belichick gives last presser: admits Patriot Way involved cheating – “it is what it is”

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer fully vetted – just in case

Third party candidates throw Presidential election into the House; Trump wins

Governor Maura Healey and Phillip Eng complete T fix – for real this time.

Lady or the Tiger category (your choice): Trump appeals fail- jailed after Jan. 6 and other convictions. Trump wins re-election- pardons self and followers for all federal crimes

If any of these things happen, post them on social media. They’ll be as believable there as anything else.

Meanwhile, dear readers, I wish for you and yours a 2024 filled with good health, happiness, peace and a successful outcome in November.

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