How we celebrate July 4th by Marjorie Arons Barron

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Picnics, parades, fireworks, and concerts – all wonderfully traditional ways to celebrate the birth of our country and the values embraced in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. In an article published in today’s highly respected Commonwealth Magazine, James H. Barron (name ring a bell?) argues that one particular aspect to July 4th celebrations should be ditched. Can you guess what it is? Read about it in Commonwealth Magazine. Pass it along. Feel free to weigh in in the Comments section of this blog. Meanwhile, happy holiday!

One Response to How we celebrate July 4th by Marjorie Arons Barron

  1. Malcolm Sharps says:

    Almost the biggest mistake in the USA in the past few decades has been trying to remedy too much too quickly, an error bigger than some individual corrected errors. It’s like Societal Hypochondria. And obsession with detail is a major symptom. The 1812 would be 1812th item in my priorities. Making a major objection with all the research data to back you, just qualifies you as a party-pooping Nerd. So let it be. Certain things die a natural death, anyway, if they seem irrelevant. Who is listening to James Cagney singing patriotic songs nowadays? Apart from your crazy uncle, all due respect to your uncle?