Lowell200: Founders Pt II

Kirk Boott

Born in Boston but sent to England to attend Rugby School, Kirk Boott (1791-1837) saw action in the Peninsular Wars against Napoleon as a British Army officer. He returned to Boston in 1817, befriended Patrick Tracy Jackson and was appointed agent to the Boston Manufacturing Company. He moved to Lowell in 1822 as first agent and treasurer of the Merrimack Manufacturing Company.


Paul Moody

Described as a mechanical genius, Newburyport native Paul Moody (1779-1831) teamed with Francis Cabot Lowell to build the power loom for the Waltham mill based on what Lowell had seen in Great Britain. At Waltham, Moody built and ran the machinery for the Boston Manufacturing Company. In 1825, he moved to Lowell to run the Lowell Machine Shop.


Jonathan Tyler

When the prospective mill owners showed up in November 1821, they found that all the land from the head of the Pawtucket Canal to the Concord River was owned by Nathan Tyler.  Tyler sold the land and his son, Jonathan Tyler (above, 1790-1877), became a close associate of John Lowell Jr., Kirk Boott, and the other mill owners and managers.