Places named Lowell in the United States

Besides our own Lowell, Massachusetts, here’s a list of other places in the US that share the name:

Lowell, Arkansas – Benton County. Population 9839 in 2020. Incorporated in 1881.

Lowell, California – An unincorporated community in Napa County. In 1992, Lowell annexed into American Canyon.

Lowell, Florida – An unincorporated community in Marion County. It has a post office which has been in operation since 1888. “The community was probably named after Lowell, Massachusetts.”

Lowell, Idaho – An unincorporated community in Idaho County. Population is 30. “Was named after Henry Lowell, its first postmaster.”

Lowell, Indiana – A town in West Creek and Cedar Creek townships, Lake County. Population in 2010 was 9276. Incorporated in 1852. “It was named for Lowell, Massachusetts.”

Lowell, Maine – A town in Penobscot County with a population of 368 per the 2020 census. “The town was named for Lowell Hayden, the first child born here.”

Lowell, Michigan – A city in Kent County with population of 3783 per 2010 census. Part of “Grand Rapids metropolitan area. Mostly surrounded by Lowell Township but the two are administered autonomously.

Lowell Charter Township, Michigan – A charter township in Kent county with a population in 2020 of 5949. Established 1848.

Lowell, North Carolina – A city in Gaston County. Population of 3526 per 2010 census. Incorporated in 1879 and named for Lowell, Massachusetts, “in hopes the city would become a similar textile center.”

Lowell, Ohio (Washington County) – A village in Washington County with a population of 549 per 2010 census. It’s on the Muskingum River. Two competing companies built canals and locks. “The first settlement was laid out on November 8, 1837 and was named Lowell with the idea that it would grow into a large manufacturing city similar to Lowell, Massachusetts.”

Lowell, Ohio (Seneca County) – An unincorporated community in Adams Township, Seneca County.

Lowell, Oregon – A city in Lane County with a population of 1045 per 2010 census. “The city was named after Lowell, Maine.” Incorporated in 1954.

Lowell, Vermont – A town in Orleans County with a population of 887 per 2020 census. Town was chartered in 1787 as Kelleyvale, but name changed to Lowell in 1831. The reason for the name is unclear.

Lowell, West Virginia – An unincorporated community in Summers county on the Greenbrier River. First settled in 1770. In 1871, brothers A C Lowe and Erastus Preston Lowe settled their, built a hotel, and operated businesses. The settlement was unnamed prior to that was then called Lowell after the Lowe brothers.

Lowell, Wisconsin – A town in Dodge County. Population was 1169 in the 2000 census.