The Lowell Review 2023

The third annual issue of The Lowell Review is available for purchase. It contains 200 pages with 55 devoted to climate and nature, and contains stories, essays, and poems by area writers and from contributors from across the United States. Also included are photographs and brilliant cover art by Nancy Wells Woods, formerly of the Lowell Historic Preservation Commission.

In addition to the Climate & Nature section, which we believe is important to be part of the respond to the ongoing emergency, we have special sections on The Beatles – including two pieces by writers who saw the group in concert in their early days – and on Baseball, including Chaz Scoggins’ account of Carlton Fisk’s magical World Series home run in 1975.

Closer to home, this issue contains an interview with the Lowell Litter Krewe and a report by the Youth Environmental Team of Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust about presenting at the Smithsonian in Washington DC.

This issue also includes Part Two of our coverage of the Kerouac Centennial which includes first-time photos from Jack Kerouac’s funeral in 1969; a story about attempts to ban Kerouac’s books from Greater Lowell libraries in the 1960s; and a piece by the winner of the 2022 Lowell High School Kerouac Writing Award.

The Lowell Review 2023 is available online at ($15 plus shipping for home delivery) and in person at lala books  at 189 Market Street in Lowell.

Next Saturday, May 20, TLR23 co-editor Paul Marion and I will be at lala books at 11am for a book launch event. Please consider joining us.

Electronic copies of The Lowell Review 2021 and The Lowell Review 2022 are available for reading on this site for free, as are instructions for buying print copies of the books.