Opening Day, Eagle River, Alaska

Opening Day, Eagle River, Alaska

By Mike McCormick

Stepping into the bracing air,
I yank on my gloves
and stride across snow filled ruts
that gleam like fresh baselines
in the narrow strip of dirt driveway.

Hundreds of red capped birds
chatter like anxious fans
as I duck
into my bullpen cart sized car.

Once the starter kicks in,
the engine fires
and the vehicle
slides down the drive

past a moose,
eight times as wide
and three heads taller
than Frank Howard,
as it glares from atop a mound of snow.

The morning sun emerges
from behind a mountain ridge
hurling streams of light
through stands of birch
spotlighting the birds
whose chatter is now reaching crescendo.

Turning out of the drive path,
I flip on the radio.
The commentator pitches the news:
In a stadium four time zones away
They’re tossing out the first ball –

It’s opening day!