Unlikely headlines for the coming year? by Marjorie Arons Barron

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It’s time to put 2022 to bed.  It was yet another Annus Horribilis with the war in Ukraine, the worst inflation in decades, some horrific SCOTUS decisions and climate-related natural disasters. The darkness was mitigated by the year’s significant legislative accomplishments, a not-too-bad November election outcome (considering the predictions), and the resumption of much normal social and economic activity.

As I have done in the past, I hereby present my New Year’s gift to you, a list of headlines I hope to see in 2023. Some are the triumph of hope over experience. Some are aspirational but still possible. Others could really show up in newspapers, magazines, newscasts or social media.  Feel free to share your own in the comments section below.

Two years ago, I started out with the headline Trump Overwhelmingly Defeated: Packs Bags for Mar-a-Lago; Takes Family With Him. A year ago I should have changed the tag line to “Takes Family and Thousands of Classified Documents with Him.”   Today’s hoped-for headline is simply Orange Man in Orange Jumpsuit.

Other hoped-for but unlikely ones would be:

Clarence Thomas impeached; wife Ginni leaves him for John Eastman

George Santos resigns; NY 3rd Congressional District gets new-ish election

John Henry declares Red Sox as important as Liverpool; invests real money in Bosox turn-around

Governor Maura Healey takes page from Mussolini; gets trains running on time

Kevin McCarthy blocked for Speaker; Liz Cheney compromise choice

Charlie Baker drains NCAA swamp; launches campaign for GOP 2024 presidential nomination

US requires passing score on American citizenship test as requirement for all candidates for public office

US meets carbon reduction goals ahead of schedule

NASA launches successful mission to Mars; finds Marjorie Taylor Greene already thereholding space laser

Democrats successfully connect with rural America

Elon Musk destroys Twitter, exits Tesla and builds a “Glass Onion” idyll

Patriots rebound – zappe Mac Jones

Americans get serious about new COVID variants; anti-vaxxers in retreat

Dan Kennedy’s upcoming book on reviving local journalism makes national impact

City of Newton fills potholes in non-election year

Hip investors dump crypto; move toward wampum

Someone finally explains Gavin Newsom/Kimberly Guilfoyle relationship

Hunter Biden fined for trying to peddle access to the White House

Bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform law signed

Buttigieg /Klobuchar jockey for top spot on their 2024 ticket

James H. Barron’s internationally acclaimed book The Greek Connection sold for movie, TV series and Broadway musical; author and wife retire in comfort  (As I said, many of these involve some wishful thinking)

If any of these things happen, call Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.

Meanwhile, dear readers, I wish for you and yours a 2023 filled with good health, happiness, prosperity and peace.