LaLa Books in Lowell: Live Literature

That’s a lot of “l’s” in the headline. Lowell has a new bookstore, “lala books,” named for owners Laura and Greg LaMarre Anderson. They worked with local real estate consultants at The Edge Group to get established at 189 Market Street close to the city parking garage. The bright interior, large street-facing windows, and high ceilings make the place somewhere you’ll want to browse and linger.

“After a year of living through virtual gatherings, we are super excited to create a space where folks can browse through books, sit and chat, and spend time with the kids. lala books is a full-service bookstore with a strong children’s collection,” explained Laura.

Chath pierSath and I were honored to open lala’s author series last Friday. More than 30 people gathered in the spacious store to listen to us read from our recent books: ON EARTH BENEATH SKY by Chath and mine, LOCKDOWN LETTERS & OTHER POEMS. Both are on sale in the store along with lots of other books in various categories.

Chath got a round of applause when I mentioned that his book made the prestigious “Must-Read” category in the Massachusetts Books Awards of 2020, which are selected by the Massachusetts Center for the Book, an affiliate of the Library of Congress.  The finalists in Poetry like Chath will learn the name of the winner in Poetry this fall. Good luck, Chath.

Chath pierSath reading at lala books (photo by Janet Egan/Facebook)

It was heartening to see so many people. It was great to see familiar faces like Doug Sparks, Janet Egan, Dave Robinson, Sue Andrews and Becky Warren, Jim Wilde, Theresa Park, Richard Marion, Dave Daniel, Jay Atkinson, Jack Neary, Jen Myers, James Ostis, and Helena Minton. I hadn’t seen some of these folks since 2019 due to the virus.

Chath and I doing our thing at lala books (photo by Jen Myers/Facebook)

3 Responses to LaLa Books in Lowell: Live Literature

  1. Charles Gargiulo says:

    Congratulations on the exciting opening of Lala Book and getting off in grand style with the live poetry readings from two wonderful local artists, Paul Marion and Chath pierSath! Wish I could have been there but it happened at the same time as a postponed graduation celebration for my dear granddaughter Natasha. Let’s all be vaccinated, mask up, be sensible and keep each other safe and our responsible bookstores open. Kind places where truth can live and prosper to withstand the spread the pandemic of hatred, lies and disinformation designed to divide us.

  2. David Daniel says:

    Here’s wishing Laura and Gregg LaMarre Anderson all the best with the new venture.

    As Ray Bradbury wrote: “You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.”

    More than ever we need books and Lowell needs another bookstore.

  3. Laura Lamarre Anderson says:

    Starting off our readings with Paul Marion seemed like the best way to set our store off on the right path. Thanks for all you do to keep alive Lowell’s literary tradition. It was a true pleasure to host both Paul and Chath and I look forward to many readings in the future.