Call for Poets & Writers


The Art of Caring: February 3-28, 2021

A Community Exhibit at the Arts League of Lowell


Writers & poets living or working in Lowell may submit one poem or flash fiction piece that speaks to the Shelter theme.


Shelter can be defined in many ways – a safe warm place, the company of friends, or family; shelter may be found in music, books, imagination, nature, money, protection, meditation and exertion. What is the essence of shelter; what images communicate shelter and its importance to human survival, worth and dignity? People, places, street scenes, home scenes… Are city streets sheltering? Are some places more or less sheltering? What is the impact of loss of shelter in our communities?


Literary works will be selected by the exhibit curators as companion elements to artwork being donated for the show, with 100% of proceeds going to the Lowell Transitional Living Center. Those interested in submitting art for the exhibit can find the Call for Artists on the ALL website at

Deadline for poetry and flash fiction submissions: January 15, 2021

Submissions are to be sent in .doc or google doc format or pasted into the body of the email to

ALL is donating the use of the gallery and providing publicity and posters for this community project. For Information: Contact Mary Hart  781-856-4097 or Emily Ferrara 508-410-9031