O’Connor is American Book Fest Award Finalist

Congratulations to friend and blog-contributor Steve O’Connor whose book This Is No Time to Quit Drinking: Teacher Burnout and the Irish Powers was just named a finalist for the 2020 Best Book Award in the Fiction/Cross-Genre category by the American Book Fest.

Steve was up against some tough competition as the Cross Genre Fiction webpage reveals.

Here’s a synopsis of This Is No Time to Quit Drinking:

Ah, the unfortunate Bartley Hannigan. Teacher burnout is just one of his problems. There’s also his disintegrating marriage, the inheritance of a haunted property with its uninvited bibulous guest, a psycho poet with a fatal attraction, the arrival of an Irish banshee hunter with poor personal hygiene, his sudden passion for a stripper, and eventually, the hit man on his trail. But as the gypsy said, this “shit-storm” will lead to either a higher plane of understanding—or sudden death. Either way, Bartley can hear his train a comin’, and he’s ready to jump aboard and ride the winding rails to the last stop, because he’s done with the bullshit! Done!

And to paraphrase the title, This Is No Time to Quit Buying Books, so consider buying this one (available in paperback or Kindle).

3 Responses to O’Connor is American Book Fest Award Finalist

  1. David Daniel says:

    Congratulations, Steve. Your novel deserves being honored–and being read!

    Signed, a satisfied reader.