Tom Sexton’s ‘Glacier’: A New Poem

(web photo courtesy of juneautours)



by Tom Sexton


We stood on the deck of a ferry at dawn

fifty years ago and felt the cold breath


of a glacier that was mirrored in the icy water.

Harbor seals disappeared as we approached.


When the air filled with the thunder of the glacier’s

calving, we gripped the rail. The ferry shuddered.


Who would have imagined then how easy it would be

to turn a glacier to mist, to make a glacier disappear?

One Response to Tom Sexton’s ‘Glacier’: A New Poem

  1. Marie Louise St.Onge says:

    All of my senses were engaged by this beautiful yet brief poem…..a workhorse in so few lines. Thank you, Tom.
    Indeed, who would have imagined? Well done…….