Bloomberg’s missed opportunity by Marjorie Arons-Barron

For all of his hundreds of millions spent in promoting his candidacy in polished and effective ads, billionaire philanthropist and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg bombed in his first appearance on the Democratic presidential debate stage.  He would have been well served had he hired Boston-based consultant and political advisor Michael Goldman.

Goldman shared what he would have said in closing remarks that Bloomberg should have delivered.

“Perfect I’m not, nor is any candidate on this stage tonight.

There are things I’ve said and decisions I’ve made in my personal life and professional career that, thru the rear view mirror of time, look very different than they did when they were in front of me.

That said,  I can promise you this.

No candidate on this stage tonight – not a one – would ever have fired the courageous Col. Vindman for speaking the truth to power.

Not a one!

No candidate on this stage tonight would ever find themselves in a position where 2000 former professional prosecutors, Republicans and Democrats alike, would be calling on them to fire their hand picked Attorney General because he or she was an enemy of the concept of a non-political criminal justice system.

Not a one.

No candidate on this stage tonight would ever even consider hiring a Director of  National Security whose number one qualification was that they had no experience in dealing with our intelligence community.

And finally, no candidate on this stage tonight would ever, ever, ever tolerate putting children in cages to punish their parents for the crime of seeking a better and safer life for their children in America.

Not a one.

There are many differences in style, experience, and goals on this stage tonight, and it’s our job to make those differences clear to you.

But know this.

Each and every one on this stage is is one hundred times more prepared today to be president today than is the man who has held that job for the past 3 and 1/4 years — Donald J.Trump.

Whatever else you leave this debate believing tonight, never ever forget that overwhelming  truth.

My name is Michael Bloomberg, and my campaign for President has just begun.”

For three years, when Bloomberg was Mayor of New York City, Goldman hosted a highly regarded program on Bloomberg Radio.  Michael Bloomberg should have been paying closer attention.