Lowell City Council preview: February 4, 2019

Mimi Parseghian previews tomorrow’s Lowell City Council meeting:


Inspection of City Pedestrian Signs Motion (1/15/19) by Councilor K. Cirillo and E. Kenney “Request City Manager have the proper department provide the City Council with a list of all City-owned and state-owned pedestrian crossing signs inspect all City owned pedestrian crossing signs to see if they are functioning correctly and produce a timeline as to repairing the signs that are not contact the state to inspect all state owned pedestrian crossing signs to see if they are functioning correctly and produce a timeline as to repairing the signs that are not.”

The three-page report submitted by Diane N. Tradd, Assistant City Manager/DPD Director includes a list of “an inventory of all the traffic signals in the City which includes ownership information but doesn’t include if the signal has ‘walk’ signs and pedestrian push buttons.  There are 103 traffic signals in the City of Lowell which 16 are state-owned.”

In her memo to the Council, Ms. Tradd writes that “performing a city-wide inventory of each light would be very time-consuming for the City Electrician, but they are equipped to repair or replace any equipment that isn’t functioning properly…We have received a grant and the inventory will begin in the summer. In addition, the City Engineer and the Transportation Engineer are currently looking into whether the inventory could begin sooner if performed by co-op students from UMass Lowell.”

Trees at Leo Garage Motion (1/15/201) by Councilor Karen Cirillo “Request City Manager to direct the proper department to replant, in the spring, the cherry blossom trees outside of the Leo Roy Garage.”

Tobias Marx, Parking Director responded that “The City of Lowell’s Department of Public Works removed the Cherry Blossom Trees, planted in the Rotunda in front to the Leo Roy garage in the fall of 2018. The tree removal became necessary after it was discovered that said trees were dry and dead. New Cherry Blossom Trees have been purchased and are scheduled to be planted in spring 2019.”

Manger Motion by Councilor Rita C. Mercier “Request City Manage allow Youth Build Students under the leadership of artist, Glen Szegedy, to paint and restore statues and the City Manger back to a more brilliant beauty.”

Henry Marchand responded to this motion. “In response to this request, I met with Siobahn Sheehan, CTI’S Lead Case Manager for Youth Build and artist Glen Szegedy recently to review plans for building a new Manger and restoring the figures. They are excited about this project and look forward to bringing Lowell’s Manger back to life…Youth Build will develop a budget and be solely responsible for conducting a fundraising campaign to cover all costs.”


Inspector Staffing and Inspections This memo, submitted by R. Eric Slagle, Director of Development Services, answered the Council question regarding the number of inspectors the City has and the number of inspections carried out.  About 9,500 building and trade inspections annually were performed by a staff of 8.5; about 5,000 health and sanitary inspections were undertaken by 5 Health Inspectors; and 1 Board (Zoning, Planning and Conservation) performed about 1,750 inspections.

Marijuana Revenues The informational report, prepared by R. Eric Slagle, Director of Development Services, focused on “Sources and Requirements for Marijuana Revenues.”

“The first source of revenue authorized under the statute is a 3% local tax on all recreational marijuana sales. This local tax requires adoption by a vote of the City Council, which the Council took on May 15, 2018…The second source of revenue contemplated in the regulations is the community impact fee which a municipality is allowed to negotiate in a Host Community Agreement (HCA) with a marijuana business. The regulations specifically cap this fee at 3% of the gross sales of the marijuana business.”


Accept resignation of Patricia Sullivan Talty from Lowell Housing Authority

Appoint Philip L. Shea to Lowell Housing Authority to fill unexpired term of Patricia Sullivan Talty

Appoint Caleb Cheng To Planning Board As Associate Member

Reappoint Kathleen Cullen-Lutter to Board of Health


Councilor Rita Mercier “Request Resolution that the Lowell Veterans Commission be included in any constructive participation in City decisions and activities and allowed to be provided notification and the opportunity to be heard on any actions affecting its veterans.

Councilor Rodney Elliott “Request Parks & Recreation Sub-Committee meet to discuss renaming of park on Branch Street to Palin Park.

Councilor Karen Cirillo “Request City Manager have the proper department look into the City of Lowell forming a partnership with the Kerouac Project of Orlando, Florida.

Full Agenda is here.