Lowell Sun endorses Richard Howe for Register of Deeds

The Lowell Sun endorsed my re-election as Register of Deeds in today’s edition:

Howe for Register of Deeds

Between Richard P. Howe, who has headed the North Middlesex Registry of Deeds since 1994, and Karen Cassella, a documents clerk who’s worked there since 1992, this pair of rivals for the top job have 50 years experience in serving the public.

Howe’s made a name for himself by transforming the office into a highly professional, digitized operation where real estate agents, lawyers and residents can access records online dating back to 1627. Obviously, his 15-employee unionized staff, including Cassella, shares in the credit for implementing these positive changes.

Howe’s going for his fifth, six-year term during which time the Registry of Deeds office will be relocating into the newlybuilt Lowell Judicial Center.

While Cassella’s offered several ideas to improve services, Howe’s built a solid track record as Register and we believe he’s the best choice to lead the transition.

The Sun endorses the re-election of Richard P. Howe for Northern Middlesex Register of Deeds.