Lowell City Council Preview: Oct 15, 2018

Mimi Parseghian previews tomorrow night’s Lowell City Council meeting:

This week City Council has a relatively light public agenda. However, the Executive Session portion which is held in private has three areas of discussion:  “Provide an update to the Council on contract negotiations with the Lowell Police Association and Local 853 International Association of Firefighters, the disclosure of which would have a detrimental effect on the City’s Bargaining Position as well as pending litigation with Local 853 International Association Of Firefighters V. City of Lowell, public discussion would have a detrimental effect on the City’s position.”

Under the City Manager’s Communication Items, there are only 3 Motion Responses and 2 Informational Reports and requests for votes on new contracts with 3 different City employee group.

  1. City Engineers
  2. Local 2532 AFSCME Council 93c
  3. SEIU Local 888 Ch. 159 Water And Wastewater


15 minute parking at 435 Market Street Motion (8/28/18) by Councilor Rita Mercier “Request the City Manager have proper department install (2) 15 minute parking signs in front of the Olympia Restaurant at 453 Market Street.”

The response memo informs the Council that “The Transportation Engineer recommends installing a single 15-minute parking spot in the location of parking spot 1236. A 60-day trial for one 15 minute parking space will be implemented.”

Suttle Street One Way Motion (8/28/18) by Councilor Rita Mercier “Request the City Manager have proper department explore the feasibility of making Suttle Street/Avenue one-way at the discretion of the neighborhood.”

According to the response from the Administration: “Suttle Street will be designated as One-Way from the intersection with Carlisle Street to Gorham Street. The Transportation Engineer recommends a 60-day trial be implemented to determine if this is a suitable change and doesn’t create an undue burden of traffic on Devine Avenue.”

Upkeep of Grounds at School Buildings Motion (9/25/18) by Councilor J. Milinazzo “Request City Manager to prepare a report on who is responsible for the upkeep of the grounds at all of our school buildings including staffing levels by shift.

The response prepared by Jim Donison, DPW Commissioner was a one page memo indicating that “DPW has investigated this request. The School department and specifically the school custodians are responsible for the upkeep of grounds at all school buildings. This work is performed by the day shift custodians as confirmed by Mr. Ricky Underwood, Director of Operations and Maintenance of Lowell Schools. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this motion response.”


Relocation Plan Approval City Manager forwarded the e-mail her office received from the Massachusetts of Housing and Community Development, Bureau of Relocation’s Urban Renewal & Relocation informing the City that the Bureau has approved the relocation plan [regarding 75 Arcand Drive] for Lowell High School. They also stated that “It is understood that an addendum with updated relocation cost estimated will be submitted to the Bureau at a later date.”

Markley Generator Operation The memo was prepared by R. Eric Slagle, Director of Development Services. It stated Senior Health Inspector Shawn Machado, Local Building Inspector Jose Negro and Mr. Slagle visited the Markley facilities on September 12th to observe their generators in operation. At the site, Markley described their generator schedule, which involves running a single generator for 5 minutes, once a week, to ensure it is in working order.  Mr. Slagle wrote that the Lowell inspectional staff “does not believe there are any grounds for a claim of a public health issue, and not even for a nuisance from any abutting neighbor, based on our investigation and observation.”

He added that there are plans to install 4 more generators and that” the generator operation, permitting and oversight does not fall within the purview of the City of Lowell, but rather they are permitted at the State and Federal level. “

Councilor D. Conway Request City Manager have the proper department supply safety flags to school crossing guard personnel.

Councilor V. Nuon  Request City Manager invite Justice Jay Blitzman of the  Juvenile Court to the  Public Safety SC to provide an overview of the “Restoring Justice Program.”

Councilor V. Nuon  Request City Manager have LPD and LFD provide a report regarding officer time spent responding to any incidents at existing medical marijuana cultivation or retail facilities.

Councilor  E. Kennedy Request City Manager instruct Transportation Engineer to report on feasibility of establishing “No Parking” Zones at certain intersections along Pawtucket Blvd.