Support Puerto Rico; Many Lowell Connections

My friend Juan Carlos Rivera posted this notice on Facebook, which I am sharing here. The people of Puerto Rico need a lot of help to recover from the fierce hurricane that hit them. People are suffering in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, the Virgin Islands—all part of the American family. And beyond them the many people of the Caribbean are trying to rebuild after the violent storms.

For Puerto Rico, Lowellians can help by getting involved in this effort at the Boys and Girls Club. Kudos to the Club for getting out front on this.

One Response to Support Puerto Rico; Many Lowell Connections

  1. Joe Hungler says:

    Thanks for sharing. Many Club staff and members have been personally impacted and still haven’t heard from their families. The scope of this disaster is stunning, particularly with the difficulties in supplying the island combined with an economy that was already in trouble.