Lowell in World War One: Sept 3 – Sept 8, 1917

This is the 21th weekly installment of my Lowell in World War One series which commemorates the centennial of the entry of the United States into World War One. Here are the headlines from one hundred years ago this week:

September 3, 1917 – Monday – Labor Day Programs. Labor Unions: Carpenters’ Union outing at Nabnassett Grove; Lowell delegates go to Maynard Union celebration. Sports: All day shoot by Lowell Gun Club, Chelmsford; Swimming races and exhibitions, Municipal Pool. Bellevues vs. Ballardvale ball game at Ballardvale, 3 o’clock. Roller skating at Willow Dale. Amusements: Keith’s Theatre, opening of Vaudeville Season. Lowell Opera House, Emerson Players in “Shirley Kaye.” Merrimack Square, Owl, Crown, Jewel, special movie programs. Canobie Lake Park, special holiday program. Lakeview Park, band concert, 8 o’clock. Dancing and other features.

September 4, 1917 – Tuesday – 107 killed in air raid on England. Six German airplanes in spectacular raid on British Naval Base. President Wilson leads parade of drafted men. Senate to vote on War Profits bill within 24 hours. Busy session at the canning station. The public safety canning station resumed sessions this morning. Today’s specialties included peaches, pears, corn and the old standbys – tomatoes and beets. A pleasing feature is the number of foreign women who are coming in to learn to preserve vegetables and fruits. They are on the whole an enthusiastic and intelligent student body.

September 5, 1917 – Wednesday –  1917 tax rate is $23.40. Lowell’s tax rate takes jump of $2.20 over last year. City council holds busy meeting. Main issue was awarding of contract for masonry work for the addition to the Bartlett School. First men of draft at Ayer: Vanguard of New England’s thousands reach Camp Devens. Federal judge takes up B&M strike. Strikers picket Lynn shops. Electrical workers are on strike.

September 6, 1917 – Thursday – German fleet in Gulf of Riga. Kaiser’s warships arrive at Russian port. Big naval battle expected. Country-wide raids on IWW. Federal agents act in effort to suppress alleged seditious activities. Drapeau gets Bartlett School masonry contract. More local men off to Ayer.

September 7, 1917 – Friday – Whole Allied cause and freedom of world depends on supremacy of sea. Fall of last Austrian stronghold imminent. Assignments at Ayer for Lowell men. “The Lowell boys who were commissioned at Plattsburg as officers of the National Army last month are gradually finding their places in the various posts to which they have been assigned, including the 76th Division of the National Army which is forming at Ayer.”

September 8, 1917 – Saturday – Philadelphia Arsenal blown up. Three men killed and 23 persons injured by terrific explosion.  Chicago White Sox want Constantineau. “Leo W. ‘Connie’ Constantineau, the star pitcher for the CMAC ball team, has received an offer from the Chicago White Sox.” German cash behind IWW plots.