Lowell in World War One: July 2 – July 7, 1917

This is the fourteenth weekly installment of my Lowell in World War One series which commemorates the centennial of the entry of the United States into World War One. Here are the headlines from one hundred years ago this week:

July 2, 1917 – Monday – Regulations to govern selection of National War Army Issued by President Wilson – Calls on boards to do work fearlessly and impartially – to call men selected by Sept 1 – method of arriving at exemption – credit for enlistments in National Guard and Regular Army.  Troops called to quell rioting in St. Louis. (East St. Louis, Illinois – race riot). Company M now at Framingham. Food Bill Agreed to; Trouble Averted. (“Bone dry” portion deleted; still prohibits whiskey manufacture, but not beer and wine).

July 3, 1917 – Tuesday – Call More Troops to Halt Orgy of Butchery and Incendiarism at East St. Louis, Illinois. Brutal incidents of night of rioting. Mobs set torch to homes of Negroes then shoot victims as they flee from flames. 310 dwellings laid to ruins. Death toll may reach 250. City in flames. Lowell Women mobilize for waste war. An important meeting of the Lowell Women’s unit of the council of national defense was held in the mayor’s reception room this morning. Mrs. Butler Ames, secretary of the unit, spoke at length to the women present on the work they are expected to in conserving food as part of the war effort.

July 4, 1917 – Wednesday – Independence Day – No newspapers.

July 5, 1917 – Thursday – Hunt for German Spies in US Reveals Facts that would startle world – Federal officials unearth information of amazing character – Sec Baker issues statement explaining war department censorship. Troops called in mine strike at Globe, Arizona. Will Entertain the Soldier Boys (a group of Lowell talent will journey to South Framingham tomorrow to entertain the Lowell boys at the camp).

July 6, 1917 – Friday – Russians and Turks Engaged in Battle in Mesopotamia – Germans attempt to drive out French in Champagne Region – French guns active at Verdun. Canadian House votes for conscription.  With the Army and Navy – real live four-footed horses will be present for drill with Battery B for the first time tonight at the armory. With the arrival of uniforms, guns, and other incidentals, it will be no time before the unit will be ready to go into actual service.

July 7, 1917 – Saturday – Big air battle over London – 20 German machines drop bombs on heart of city – Raid one of greatest ever attempted by Germans – Raiders drop steady stream of bombs for quarter of an hour – Engaged by British craft. Fight on Prohibition continues in Senate. The battle over prohibition involved in the food control bill was being fought out in the Senate today, this time on the question whether consumption as well as the manufacture of distilled liquor shall be prohibited during the war.